About Imnoo Connect

Imnoo Connect is a free and easy-to-use service for CNC manufacturers who want to strengthen their online presence in the CNC manufacturing industry. Imnoo Connect transparently connects CNC manufacturers with each other and with buyers of CNC parts. The directory can be easily searched by the specifications of a CNC part to find the CNC manufacturer that could best manufacture the CNC part. Imnoo Connect lists all possible CNC manufacturers transparently, allowing you to find your preferred supplier or CNC manufacturer. As a CNC manufacturer, you can easily register your company in Imnoo Connect by logging in and creating an Imnoo account. The profile contains information about your company (country, size, etc.) and your capabilities (production methods, services, processing materials, material size, batch size, etc.). To help your customers - manufacturing partners or purchasers of CNC components - to find your services quickly, you can create your own personal Imnoo profile in your Imnoo account and adjust it at any time if necessary. With an Imnoo account, CNC manufacturers also get access to Imnoo CALC, our unique AI-based calculation app for the lightning-fast creation of quotations of CNC parts, and Imnoo QUOTE, our eCommerce app for the creation of complex quotations. For more information on Imnoo, please visit www.imnoo.com.

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